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"Learning is the Heartbeat of Society" - Abuko Principal

Sep 16, 2008, 5:43 AM | Article By: By Yerro Mballow & Njie Baldeh

Mr. Biran Jagne, principal of AbukoUpperBasicSchool, has urged his students to read vigourously; noting that learning is the heartbeat of any society. He said that the only progress that can be achieved in any nation is through education because no nation can develop or function well in the absence of education or educated people. He elaborated saying education goes beyond cognitive learning where achievements are measured not by a test but by innovative teaching that involves the values and attitudinal aspects. Mr. Jagne made his comments recently in an exclusive interview with The Point at his school. He elaborated further saying; "there is a need for a vision of quality education that leans further towards moral excellence and achievement as opposed to straight academic excellence and productivity."

According to him, this will better equip the students to deal with the challenges of a rapidly changing world. To Mr. Jagne education requires discipline as he describes education without discipline as the worst of the worst. He challenged students to take their learning seriously and treat it like a true friend that will help bring betterment to their future. The students, Mr. Jagne said, need to make their books their true best friends and strive towards the achievement of a quality education. "Learning is leading the human soul to what is best and getting the best out of it," he concluded.