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Leadership camp winds-up

Aug 20, 2010, 12:56 PM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

The Western Region's Youth Parliament of the National Youth Parliament of The Gambia, on Sunday, 9th August wound up its 2010 Summer Leadership Training Camp, at Sintet, Foni Jarrol.

The youth summer event which was attended by 35 young people focuses on communication skills building, public speaking, youth leadership and mental health, among others. The event also witnessed a grand community based activities like a clean-up exercise at the Sintet Health Center, a tree-planting exercise at the Brumang Bridge, Kalagi Community Forest and Sintet Fula Kunda.

It also included a session with local traditional leaders like the Alkalo of Sintet and Chief of Foni Kansala, who shared their experiences with the rest of the audience.

The summer youth programme dubbed: "Yes, We Can Do It," also witnessed the conduct of a mini-congress to fill in the positions of a Clerk and Deputy Clerk, that went vacant in the Executive Committee of the Regional Youth Parliament, following the resignation of Hon. Lamin Bah and Hon Alieu Sowe, respectively. The congress, therefore, elected the Hon. Maisey Bojang of Kombo North as Clerk and Hon Yero Bah of Foni Jarrol as Deputy Clerk.

According to Hon Aminata Hydara, the Speaker for the Western Region Youth Parliament, "The main aim of the camp is to build the capacity of young people to help and guide the underprivileged and marginalised young people of our society."

The youth, she cited, are the driving force for any meaningful development. Therefore, she said, youth leaders need to be well-equipped with the necessary information and skills to help make life better for all young people.

Hon Hydara took the opportunity to solicit more support for the young peoples' organisations. She argued that youths are innovative, proactive and really want to make an impact on the socio-economic development of the country. But she was quick to state that, their innovations and activities are always hindered by constraints that could be altered if they got the necessary support.

She expressed appreciations to the Association for Technical, Social and Cultural Development (ATSCD) of Farato, Saamasang Youth and Children Development Association, and the University of The Gambia Students Service Learning Association (UTGSSLA) for taking part in the summer event.

She also thanked the youth parliamentarians in the United States of America and abroad for their contribution and the natives of Sintet Fula Kunda for their support during the camp.

She further saluted the Regional Youth Parliamentary Speakers for Upper River Region and Lower River Region, Hon Luntang Bah and Hon Awa Ceesay for their support.