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Lady Njaimeh Jawara, Others in Court

May 13, 2008, 6:24 AM | Article By: By Modou Sanyang

Lady Njaimeh Jawara and two others have been dragged to court by Lansana Sillah, the plaintiff. Lady Njaimeh Jawara, her co-defendants, Alhagie Wandifa Jawara, the 2nd defendant and the 3rd defendant (unnamed) are before Justice Haddy Roche of the Banjul High Court in respect of a land sale entered into between Lansana Sillah and Lady Njaimeh Jawara.

Testifying before the court, Lawyer Lamin K. Mboge, a legal practitioner, told the court that he was aware of the fact of the case and that he stood as a witness for the 2nd defendant, Alhagie Wandifa Jawara. "I was first consulted by the 2nd defendant, Alhagie Wandifa Jawara, and his wife to represent them in the sale of the 1st defendant's (Lady Njameh Jawara's) property situated at Brikama Nema," he stated, noting: "They informed me that they have the authority from Lady Njaimeh Jawara to prepare the transfer. I requested the compound documents, but they told me they did not have the document." He revealed that he then wrote a request for the lease document to the Conveyance office at Brikama Area council and sent a copy of the request to the Lands Office but could not get the compound documents.

Lawyer Mboge further told the court that he prepared the contract agreement, which was signed by the parties' representatives. He adduced that D320,000 was the agreed purchase price of the land and D176,000 was paid as advance payment. He said when Lady Njaimeh came from the UK, she instructed him to act as Attorney for the conveyance. "I prepared a power of attorney which was signed by Lady Njameh and counter-signed by me and Alhagie Wandifa Jawara as Attorney. Lady Njaimeh also instructed me to prepare the deed, pay Capital Gains Tax and legal fees" he stated. He said the balance of D144,000 was paid and was received by the 2nd defendant. He adduced that after the necessary transaction had been completed, Lady Njaimeh complained that she did not receive the whole purchase price, adding that she had got a second buyer. "I advised her but she went ahead and sold the property to the 3rd defendant" he revealed.

The hearing was at that adjourned to 21st May.