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Kebba Njie Heads New Board of the Independence Stadium

Jul 14, 2008, 8:34 AM | Article By: By Sainabou Kujabi

The board of directors of the Independence Stadium and Friendship Hotel management, which was launched yesterday by the Secretary of State for Youths and Sports Sheriff Gomez, is currently being headed by Kebba Njie.

The six member board is composed of Kebba Njie, Chairman, Alieu Cham executive Secretary, Babou Jassey, Permanent Secretary of the Department of State for youths and Sports, Permanent Secretary for Department of State for Finance and the Stadium Manager.

During the launch of the board yesterday at the Independence Stadium board room, the Secretary of State for Youths and Sports, Sheriff Gomez, said the vision of the Department of State for Youths and Sports is to deliver excellence in the youth and sports arena.

He said, "we must aim very high so that will we have sporting men and women effectively participating in international competitions with their colleagues."

He said maintenance and upkeep of the Stadium becomes very critical and that there is need to work towards independence to ensure sustenance in both financial and other resources.He added that, "crafting a strategy to work towards achieving this goal is needed by national bodies and association's as government can not do it alone."

He tasked the new board with redefining efforts made by the stadium management in trying to raise funds and look at how to generate more revenue for the stadium.

"Though the expectations are high, we will all work togetherto seea stadium that allpeople will want to go into and I am commending the outgoing board for their contribution towards the only national stadium," he stated.

SOS Gomez seized the opportunity to urge the general public to ensure that when they use the facilities of the stadium for their activities they should ensure payment.

Kebba Njie, new board Chairman of the Independence Stadium, in his remarks said, "the board will continue to do the good work started by the former board."
He said, " we have accepted to work to the best of our ability to ensure a successful operation of the Stadium. We look forward to working with the Department of State for Youths and Sports and the stadium management to achieve this and we will ensure that we will do all that is necessary to accomplished it."

He expressed gratitude to President Jammeh for appointing him as Chairman of the Board.

Musa Njie, Stadium manager, said the structures at the Independence Stadium are oldand they are doing a lot of refurbishment and will continue doing it. He said they will need the support of the new board members who have great relevance.