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Karmic Angels raise more funds in UK

Jul 5, 2010, 2:51 PM

Karmic Angels an international registered charity in the Gambia run by Stephanie and Alan Turner have been working hard back in the UK to raise more funds to support their projects in The Gambia.

The latest of which was Africa Oye Festival in Liverpool, which was purely designed to raise fund for Gambian children and build more schools.

Whilst back in the UK, Stephanie and Alan Turner the co founders of Karmic Angels remained committed together with their volunteers and trustees to continue their good work to progress further with their projects in their strides toward better education for all

According to the organisers, the Africa Oye Festival was the biggest show of the year for Karmic Angels attended by over 25, 000 people over the two days of the festival.

According to the duo, who were in fact behind the initiative, "African music was aplenty with groups and singers from Cuba, Senegal, Nigeria, as well as the UK. On Karmic Angel’s stand we also had our Gambian instruments on display for people to play if they wished for a small donation to the charity."

They added that "children and adults alike played the djembe drum, the kora and the balafong and this alone raised over 1500 dalasi."

According to Stephanie and Alan Turner, by the end of the two-day show, everyone who helped was so tired but it had been well worth it. "Each day was around 14 hours long. But together with our helpers Marilyn, John, Mark, Jan and Mal all in all a total sum of 35, 000 dalasi was raised. This will be put towards our next school building project. Obviously the more funds we raise the quicker we can start our next project."