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Kantora foundation to ignite interest in environmental protection

Jul 20, 2017, 10:43 AM

Kantora Action for Green, an environmental nonprofit foundation, seeks to use the power of sports to empower and educate young people on the need to care for the environment.

The foundation, launched on 14 July 2017, collaborates with local schools in Kantora District, Upper River Region, to plant trees in an effort to conserve and rehabilitate the depleting vegetation in that region.

The foundation’s maiden tree planting exercise was organised together with a football (soccer) championship at Fatoto Upper and Senior Secondary School in Fatoto village.

The championship was graced by a cross-section of community elders and representatives of groups from different villages.

Four teams: Fatoto Upper/Senior School FC, Fatoto Lower Basic School FC, and the senior and youth teams of Kussun played the championship.

The winners and runners-up went home with a trophy and cash prizes while all four teams also received a set of jerseys and cleats which were mostly donated by individuals, family, and friends of the founder Balla Sankareh in the United States.

Meanwhile, each member of all the four teams planted between one to seven trees which were presented to the foundation at the event.