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Jammeh Commended for Sending Gambians to Read

Apr 25, 2008, 5:51 AM | Article By: By Abdoulie Nget

President Jammeh's move to send 65 Gambians to read in the Bolivarian Republic of Venizuela has been described by the Fahad Travel Agency chief as both magnanimous and commendable, especially at a time when the country is facing numerous capacity constraints.

To Alhaji Alieu Badara Jeng, the move by the president to take Gambians to Venezuela to study in numerous fields of human endeavour is a 'crystal clear' indication of the development-driven nature of the leader.

"For any nation-state to make an enviable stride in it's quest for development, the human resource base of that country must be strengthened and this is exactly what the President is doing," he added.

According to Mr. Jeng, it serves as a source of inspiration and joy to parents and the nation to see the president contributing to the enhancement of the future of their children and the country.

"I will, on behalf of all parents as well as all Gambians, like to say a hearty Thank You to his excellency for yet again demonstrating love for Gambia and Gambians. Education is a sure a way to development," he posited.

"There is no denying that an educated society is on the path to development and enlightenment. No nation can develop without an educated population and the President very well know this."

The Fahad boss finally thanked the President for his foresight and true love for The Gambia and herpeople.