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Jagne’s St Gallen gets unique record

Apr 26, 2013, 12:56 PM

Jagne’s St Gallen gets unique record

FC St Gallen has defended a record of winning the season’s all four games against Lausanne, with the 3-1 triumph on Saturday.

They are currently positioned as second runners with 50 points to win a Europa league berth with six more matches to play down to the end of the league. 

Gambia’s midfielder Pa Modou Jagne, who is a frequent figure in the senior national team of Scorpions, was part of the Gambian team that lost to the Elephants of Ivory Coast. 

He is a versatile player that was part of the Switzerland side who made a return to the higher league after falling back to the Challenge league cup, in the second division last season.

St Gallen are also in battle for top spot.

Club’s website has described the four-win record as an event with rarity: “It’s only the second time since the introduction of tens League (2003/04) that the FC St. Gallen won all four games against an opponent season.”