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Italy-based Gambians angered, frustrated by Jammeh

Dec 15, 2016, 11:44 AM | Article By: Alagie Jinkang

The sudden rejection of the 1st December election results by the outgoing president has sent shock waves among Gambians in Italy as those that initially booked ticket to come for holiday are now cancelling their bookings. 

After accepting the result as “the will of Gambian people”, Yahya Jammeh took the entire world by surprise when he appeared on the Gambia national broadcaster to fault the process and the result of the election he himself initially described as rig-proof.

Adama Barrow, who leads a coalition of eight political parties, won the election.

Jammeh’s sudden rejection of the election that ends his 22 years in power has caused anger and frustration among Italy-based Gambians.

Sanna Sonko, a Gambian businessman in Milano, Italy, said:  “I found his [Jammeh’s] recent turn back difficult to hear and unprepared to understand.  He has accepted it himself and now he has no legal ground to condemn it just like that.”

Assan Baldeh, a political science student, said: “The courts should give their backing to president-elect Barrow and the national interest and not allow injustice to prevail.  I hope they will protect the interest of the general public and help facilitate a quick and peaceful transition.”

The Yaffa family of five who lives in Torino for 20 years has postponed their journey back home after Jammeh’s unwelcomed refusal of the recent presidential election.

“We have made out tickets for The Gambia and should be there by the 28 of this December to celebrate the New Year under a new government.  Now we have to anxiously await the peaceful transition. We hope and pray for The Gambia,” Amadou Yaffa said.    

There are many others like the Yaffa family who initially planned to come for holiday but now prefer to watch the political drama in their native country from afar.