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Investing in sports

Dec 3, 2012, 10:48 AM

As previously highlighted in this and many other pages of this paper, investing in sports perhaps is the only viable way of developing sports in the country.

The latest intervention by the President to provide material rewards and other incentives to the national teams is very much welcomed.

We see this as a way to motivate our players, and we encourage others to follow the President’s gesture.

We have also noticed that in developing sports in the country, especially football, there is all need to take the game to all levels in our school system.

This would help our young ones acquire the right skills at a very tender age.

It would also be good for sports development for there to be more national competitions in schools across the country.

The ministry of Youth and Sports should work in collaboration with the Basic and Secondary Education and Higher Education ministries to make this happen. 

The country needs good technical teams to develop football.

Put the computers into good use!

In this era of information communication technology, ICT, the availability of computers is very much important.

We see the recent presentation of computers to the various institutions in the country by the President as very important.

We, therefore, urge the benificiaries to put the computers into good use to help them work effectively.

We call on more people and institutions within the country and beyond to help our schools, in particular, with ICT equipment.