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Interview with Dr. Abass Khdra, Senior Surgical Consultant RVTH

Apr 28, 2009, 8:16 AM | Article By: Pa Modou Faal

Health Matters: Can you introduce you introduce yourself?

Dr. Abass: My name is Dr. Abass Khadra, a Senior Surgical Consultant at RVTH and Gambian Geologist in U.K.

Health Matters: Briefly explain your educational background?

Dr. Abass: I did my primary education in the Gambia at St. Augustine's and after two years, I left for U.K. to do my High School then from Wales studying for 5 years. I went to London to do my post Graduates in surgery and now studying Geology.

Health Matters: What motivated you to be a surgical consultant?

Dr. Abass: When I was young at the age of 10, I always want to be a Doctor and not of surgery, as a gateway to help lot of people.

Health Matters: Dr. you recently refurnish and rehabilitate the pediatric surgical Unit of RVTH, what motivated you?

Dr. Abass: When I was a medical student, I did my electronic here in the Gambia, two months working with RVTH at the Pediatric Unit. It was then I become aware of the impact of Malaria have on children and the death roll is high every year and my work was towards the well-being of the children.  So I decided over 10 years ago helping the hospital of Medical equipments and last seven years, I officially set up an organisation in the Gambia called the Children Trust Charitable Organization in U.K. I and I got my Trustee one Mr. David Barres and over the years we embarked on several projects for the Gambia and on Health and education. On the health side, I visited some local health facilities for RVTH and I give some medicines to Department of Health and Mosquito net to rural people and on the side of Education, we sponsored students and give out educational material to number of schools.

Health Matters: What is Pediatric care?

Dr Abass: Pediatric care is a medical discipline that deals with children when ill who are quite vulnerable in my opinion. Pediatrics are involve in health as well as providing medication know as holistic care.