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International Chess Federation officials arrive in Banjul

Feb 11, 2013, 11:53 AM | Article By: Adama K. Jallow

Two international delegates, Stewart Reuben and David R. Sedgwick, are currently in Banjul for a three-week training course.

The two international officials arrived last Thursday from England.

Stewart Reuben is an international Arbiter of FIDE and an international candidate master of the International Chess Arbiter Federation, while David R. Sedgwick is the manager responsible for international arbiter and representative of the federation of the UK Sports Alliance.

They were welcomed by the secretary general of the Gambia Chess Federation, Alieu Sallah, who picked them from the Gambia International Airport.

Other delegates such as the chairman of the English Chess Federation among others are expected later this week.

In an interview with reporters, Stewart Reuben said he was grateful The Gambia has rejoined the International Chess Federation after absenting from participating in it for 25 years.

He added that they would be starting a chess arbiter course today Monday from which the trainees will later be trainers to help spread the game in the country.

He revealed that they would likewise be having tournaments were people will be having international ratings as well as to have The Gambia inspired to have international ratings where Gambian chess will be developed.

Our main objective is to have The Gambia participate in the 2014 Olympia competition in Norway in which 5 Gambians would be in the normal team,” Reuben said.

David R. Sedgwick, also speaking, told reporters that he would be conducting arbiter training course in partnership with Mr Reuben due to commence today.

This would be a good move for The Gambia to participate in the next year chess Olympia in Norway.

He as well advised the Gambia Chess Federation to organise chess games to help spread the game in the country.

Secretary General Alieu Sallah expressed delight in receiving the delegates into the country after The Gambia had absent from taking part in the chess arbiter competition for about 25 years before rejoining it last September.

In reviving the game, the secretary general said they would go as far as the school level to ensure the discipline is developed.

Later on Friday 8 February, the delegates made a presentation of equipment to the Gambia Chess Federation.

The ceremony was held at the Ocean Bay Hotel, where the equipment, including 100 chess boards, 30 digital clocks, 26 sets of pieces, and chess books, were presented.