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Identifying yourself

May 20, 2011, 3:30 PM

Identity! Ah! What an important concept. I like to loosely define it as the unique characteristics that defines and individual, race or other sect or group. Sometimes, apart from relating to our national identities, a lot of people experience difficulties searching deep down and figuring just who they really are. It is especially hard nowadays when trends are set and we all blend in because it is cool to do so. Are we victims of globalization? Because as we conform, we in the process conceal and eventually phase out some or most of our core qualities. So who are you and what do you identify with?

When an individual is secure with who they are and what they represent, their life may not be free from the odd nitty gritties but to some certain extent, they would escape the complications of comparisons. Comparison, so unhealthy and yet so common. Whether it be physical attributes or material possessions, many have an inherent weakness for this. And it is excruciatingly when they find themselves lacking. This flaw is one that every human being at one time or another in their lifetime has fallen victim to. And being told that having such a negative image of oneself does not help with self confidence and esteem and ultimately identity development which leads to being at peace with one’s self and who we are at every stage of our lives.

It came to my attention albeit, belatedly that thinking someone or anyone for that matter is superior to you means obviously that there are others you feel you are superior to.

When we spend our quality potentially productive time toying with negative thoughts or less than stellar intentions of others, we ultimately will end up scarred, especially when it comes to character. Again it boils down to self image. Not being satisfied with oneself makes a person highly critical of others and in the cases where this criticism exacerbates into extreme dislike and disdain, it’s more likely than ever to topple over into racism which like the disease that it is, is highly infectious.

Some people are racist as a result of associating. When we take a second and step back and look at our lives just for a minute we can learn to appreciate all we have taken for granted so far in our lives. Just yesterday as I watched the news and saw how much chaos exists outside my stratosphere, I realized not for the first time how lucky I am to be alive. I know nobody’s life is perfect but we can make our own little bit of paradise wherever we find ourselves. We owe it to ourselves to make the most out of all we have been blessed with. You do not want too look back on your life many years down the line and realize you never did give everything you had. A lot of people would give an arm for what some of us take as our right, and I am not talking about material wealth here.

Being successful is defined not by what we have in material possessions but how far we have come and how much we have accomplished on a humane level. We have heard it a million times before not counting the amount of times we have heard Oprah say it, and here I am to say it again, when you do what you love it is not a job. Whilst I appreciate the fact that not everyone has the luxury of doing what they love for a career, it can be incorporated into our lives and can go a ways in us living a much happier and balanced life.

Someone I know once said in order to realize any dream or to live your best life, it is simply not enough to be good but rather work twice as hard to be what we all are inside, .exceedingly extraordinary! So I challenge you today to take charge of YOUR life. Don’t watch it pass you by but seek the courage to live it. And the first step to doing this is discovering and developing your unique IDENTITY. Don’t let someone tell you who you are, what you should like or what you can achieve in your lifetime. Remember, you are ultimately who you say you are. So take control and own it!!! IDENTIFY YOU!