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I Made Gambia Proud - Baba T

Mar 27, 2009, 6:46 AM

'Santa Yalla', a track in Baba T's ten-track album 'I am 4 Wonder', is now a roaring success in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The track features Pa Omar Jack and is sung in Wollof.

Baba T has been on a tour of Nigeria after the launch of his album in The Gambia late last year.

In a chat with the newly found noted musician shortly from his tour of Africa's biggest country, this is what he has to say: "I am proud to return after a three-month tour in Nigeria where I ministered in five states including LagosState. I am so happy that my people do not only love and appreciate the album but they also enjoy the Gambian influence and flavour in the album, and I will say I've made Gambia proud."

When asked about his experience on the tour he said: "The tour is an eye-opener in the sense that no matter what you are doing anywhere in this world, you need to be updating yourself otherwise you will be outdated. Nigeria's music industry is a very big one and the competition is stiff. Today, Nigerian music is rated as the second best in the world because of the quality in terms of shooting and making of clips. They travel all around the world to shoot their clips. I've learnt a lot. I plan to make use of my knowledge to contribute to the Gambian music industry, even the film industry".

Baba T, with his wealth of experience in film production, directing and script writing, said he would like to put all his expertise to work together with Gambian artists for greater successes in the industry. He emphasized that some of the songs our local artists compose are good but there is need for a professional touch and guidance to make them even better.

He opined that shooting of videos should be enriched through excellent editing and directing, as this would enliven the end product. "The shooting of our videos should not just be about getting to one location and putting people to dance, sing and edit alone but there is need to put some technicalities into it and script must be developed for a proper directing," he said.

He added that, "Some lyrics in the video need good drama in order."

When the Afro African high-life gospel artiste was asked about what people should be expecting upon his return, he said: "People should not forget that the new album is still available and selling at Timbooktoo, CLM bookstores and other stores in The Gambia. It is repacked with a new jacket. We are ready to add colour and entertain and minister in every church programmes, social functions and concert through life musical performance, choreography, comedy and stage play.

Also I'm ready to help artists who want to get promotion in the African growing music industry with the help of my partners in Nigeria."

In his concluding remarks, he thanked the Gambian media fraternity for the enormous boost it has given to his music career. "I want to say a big thank-you to the Gambian media and my fans for their faith in me. I know with your continued support, we shall move mountains," he said.

He then called on the general public to watch out for the new video of his album on GRTS and to buy copies as well.