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Humanity Band To Launch Seven-track Album

Sep 11, 2009, 8:39 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Proudly sponsored by the international Federation of the Red Cross Crescent Society through the head of the West and Central Africa zone, the multi-flavored seven-track production is entitled "Aduna."

The band,which was formed in 2004 was at first called the Afro-manning Red-cross Band.

The band, according to Mbye Bittaye, the Band Manager, comprises both young and volunteers of The Gambia Red-cross Society from different Red-cross links.

Speaking to Entertainment last Wednesday at Africell's Headquarters, Mr. Mbye outlined that the album touches on complex issues such as comtemporary society. He asserted that it would "serve as an invaluable source of education, information and entertainment."

Mr. Mbye revealed that the album, which is to be launched, is on production and on air in all the radio stations, adding that immediately after its launching it would be available on sale at the market.

Touching on the performances of the band since its insception, the Band Manager explained that the first performances were at naming ceremonies, which makes the band to become popular one.He said the band had series of performances, notably at evaluation ceremonies of links, the Goudi Samdi at Gambia Radio and Television Services. He further explained that his band also do promotional shows, adding that they also performed during the anniversary cerebration of the President's HIV/AIDS Treatment in Kanilai.

Mr. Bittaye however added that since the band's insception, it had recorded two singles entitled Jigain Nyi and Nayconf as its achievements.

The band's boss said based on hard work, the band was able to earn big recognition all over the country. He revealed that the National Youth Council contracted the theme song to the band and this goes with an award as the outstanding music group of 2008.

Lamenting on some of the constrains confronting the band, Mr Bittaye said the band lacks adequate musical instrument, which he said has been a great source of hindrance in terms both the training and performance for the past two years. He said this status quo has make some of the band's members occasionally play with other bands, noting that this could even lead to a breakaway.

Mbye Bittaye, the Band Managersaid although the venue for the launching of the album is not yet to be decided, but two places, Paradise Suite Hotel and Kairaba Jama Hall are proposed.