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How can We Remain Fashion Conscious this summer and the Same Time Save Money?

Jul 23, 2009, 7:00 AM | Article By: Isatou Dumbuya

It is no news that we the young people want to always feel good and look good. And when people ask us why we want so, we say that there isn't any crime in looking good and feeling good about oneself.

The first thing we do when we have some money on us is run to the nearest fashion shop and shop our moneys out.

Take an example from me, I don't like cheap things, I like it when they are expensive and are rare. But one weakness we all have is that when money comes it is easily snatched away by the lovely things we buy and before we know what's going on, we have already ran out of money.

AND one thing, MONEY is hard to come by! Let's not try to fool anyone or ourselves, always put that at the back of our minds. I am saying that because I am no exemption. 

The question is, how can we remain fashion conscious this summer in this economic crisis? If you think that you are the only one with this problem, don't worry we can try to solve things out and see what we can come up with. It doesn't stop there, after this see how you can work out things your own way.

First things first.

1. When money comes by, bring out your note pad and write out the things you need to buy. And when I say needs to buy I don't mean wants to buy.

You shouldn't buy on impulse it is bad attitude and it crumbles one's bank account easily.

2. Per se, if shoes are the first things on your agenda check out if it fits this summer, the right one and see if it isn't quite expensive!

The worst mistake you could make is to buy expensive shoes and not wear them because it is so rainy! That won't prove your money's worth. Your money's worth matters more than anything. When something isn't worth my money no matter how tempting the item is I don't buy it.

3. Don't buy things that are very expensive when you can buy the same items at a lesser price. Remember we are talking about how to remain fashion conscious in this economic crisis and the same time save money.

Say for example you come to an avenue where there are two shops, you know that the two shops sell virtually the same things, but the other is expensive and more prestigious so you want to feel the aura from shopping from that shop. You forsake the cheaper one just for the expensive one.

Hello! Wake up and turn tail to the other shop, remember you are the owner of your purse and that every dime is important.

4. Flirty cotton dresses or white multi dot tastic Alexa sleeveless dresses that are wide at the bottom may just do the trick this summer and a pair of flat lady sandals. These kinds of dresses are available at the big stores in Banjul near the terminal. It may be the perfect outfit at the summer festival at Palma Rima. A classic summer dress in the most hip and stylist fabrics; fun and easy for everyday wear! 100%cotton wrap closure with a side tie can just be the right summer touch. Flat women's shoes bazaar wedge

5. Try to come up with your own thing this summer and enjoy your creative imagination at being fashion conscious. But also remember to be modest.

6. Finally keep it simple! Simplicity is where true beauty lies. You might just come to love shopping and saving money in this age of economic crisis. You might even give yourself a pat in the back for being such a smart head where shopping and saving money is concerned.

It's giving and receiving fun! You never can tell!