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Home Grown Talent will Benefit us All

Aug 19, 2008, 7:04 AM

The news that the Department of State for Communication, Information and Information Technology (DOSCIIT) has issued a fourth GSM Licence to QCELL is very good news on a number of levels. The decision is in line with universal access principle which aim to ensure increased availability, affordability, modern and reliable communication services to the Gambian people. More competition in the market will ensure that all companies will be offering an ever increasing range of services to customers at ever decreasing prices. This will be very positive for all Gambians. Perhaps the best aspect of the new arrival is that it is an indigenous Gambian company. This kind of high-end economic activity is vital on our nation's road to development and should be encouraged at every turn.

Our young people are obviously full of potential and the kind of example being set by this company will have far-reaching positive results for The Gambia. If young people see the benefits of getting a solid education and starting their own businesses, they will thrive and, in turn, so will our economy.

We often speak of the importance of food self-sufficiency and while this cannot be over-estimated, it is important that we are also self-sufficient in other areas such as income generation. If we encourage more indigenous companies in the various fields of technology and industry, then the profits these companies make will stay in The Gambia and benefit the entire economy. For too long we have seen profits leave the country to line the pockets of people in other nations. 

We wish the best to the newest player in The Gambia's burgeoning telecommunications market and urge other Gambian business people to take the plunge and establish themselves as power players in the industrial life of the nation.