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Hattib Sanyang set to publish book

Nov 12, 2013, 9:50 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Hattib Sanyang, manager of Kunta Kinteh Bar and Restaurant, has written a book entitled Holiday Wolof which will soon be published.

Written both in English and Wolof, the book is for the benefit of tourists who come to The Gambia on holidays and are interested in speaking the Wolof language.

Speaking at the weekend in an interview with The Point, Hattib Sanyang said the book helps tourists to communicate with local people in the country mostly Wollof and English speakers.

Most of the tourists who come to The Gambia find it very difficult to pronounce words in local dialect; “that is why I came with the idea and wrote this book in English and translated it into Wolof”, he explained.

This is all about promoting tourism in the country because publishing such a book will attract a lot of tourists to the country, Mr Sanyang said.

“This book took me eight months of research in getting the necessary materials. Thank God for the support of the elderly people; I was able to write the book,” Kunta Kinteh Bar and Restaurant manager said.

He is looking up to the reaction of the people because the book is new, he said, whilst thanking and commending Anneemieke Heij and her husband Gerrit Heij for motivating and assisting him in the publication of the book.

“The book is printed in Holland and I would like to express my thanks to the many people who generously gave up their time to give me so much assistance in researching this book,” he said.

Sanyang also thanked the Ministry of Tourism and the GTBoard for taking the tourism industry to another level.