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Gunjur Satel Kafoo Holds Malaria Workshop

Jul 15, 2008, 6:38 AM | Article By: By Alieu Jabang & Lamin Darboe

Gunjur Satel Kafoo recently embarked on a one-day malaria sensitisation workshop. The workshop brought together members of the Kafoo and the aimed to raise awareness about malaria prevention and associated issues.

Speaking at the workshop, the secretary of Gunjur Satel, Mr. Lamin Manneh, said Gunjur Setal Kafoo was established in January 2005of 29 Kafoos and clubs in Gunjur.

He revealed that the Kafoo adopted a constitution by law on January 30th 2005 and also registered with the authorities as an organisation. On March 20th the Kafoo elected its executive committee.

He further revealed that the Kafoo has also organised training on group management and small-scale enterprise development for it members. They were aided in this endevour by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

He expressed the Kafoo's readiness to fight against malaria and also encourage health education and social awareness.

Eba Secka, the chief nursing officer at Gunjur Health Centre, expressed the centre's willingness to fight malaria.

He stated that 22,000 people in Gunjur have been affected by malaria in recent years.

He further stated that the disease very often can affect pregnant women and children.

"Normally malaria kills children under five years of age on the continent so it is vital that people get and use their treated bed nets to prevent malaria infections," Mr. Secka said.

For his part, Salifu Jassey, a member of the Kafoo, hailed the sponsors of the workshop for their tremendous contribution towards the fight against malaria in Gunjur and The Gambia at large.

He called on organisations to come together to work towards the development of the village.

The workshop was funded by the Derek Bailey Foundation in the United Kingdom.