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Gunjur mourn Bekai Bojang

May 18, 2010, 12:28 PM

The people of Gunjur in the Western Region are mourning the death of a community leader, one Mr. Bekai Bojang, described by many as a strong workaholic youth leader of Gunjur.

The legacy that Bekai Bojang has left behind will continue to keep him alive for eternity, a villager was quoted as saying.

History never forget the types of Bekai Bojang, who had sacrificed most of his time and resources in nurturing and upgrading young people to be potential and useful in society, said Mr. Alieu O. Jabang, the President of Gunjur Youths Committee.

His style of living is full of lessons for the young people to emulate. He is always ready to collaborate and co-operate with people, young and old in pursuit for positive development. He was always in the front line when it comes to matters of youth development and community works. He is never fed up or tired in giving advice or sharing his experience with the young people, as well as listening to people's opinions, said Omar N Darboe, a youth in Gunjur.

According to Buba (Bada) Bojang, the President of Gunjur Youth and Sport Development Committee "Bekai was a strong advocate for justice, peace and development. He was a real sport fan. Many people described him as the father of the Gunjurian football. He was one time the village coach and technical assistant to sport.

As a coach and technical assistant, Bekai instill discipline in the minds of many youths and sport fans in Gunjur and its satellite villages."

"He also contributed immensely to the success of the Jolly Riders Foundation in The Gambia and also in the Gunjur Marlborough Link Committee, which brought so many developments in the community.

He hated discrimination, injustice, lies, idleness and dependency. These made him restless and keep him the whole of his life busy nurturing and upgrading young people. As a professional carpenter working with Dabanani Electrical Enterprise and NAWEC, Bekai trained so many youths in carpentry skills who are now very useful in the society and serving as breadwinners in their various families," said Babucarr Boyo Touray, the Director of the Jolly Riders Foundation in The Gambia.

For his brother Lamin Corr Bojang, "the fact that the President of the Supreme Islamic Council Imam Muhammad Lamin Touray and the Alkalo of Gujur village Alh. Sulayman Touray has testified to his strong faith as a true believer in Allah and also very potential and influential in development matters is a testimony that he was good man."