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Good Morning Mr President Adama Barrow

Mar 7, 2017, 2:19 PM

Mr. President, many a time I had written elsewhere about the similarity between a Military Dictatorship and a Civilian Dictatorship. Between these two types of dictatorships, the means to attain their objectives are the same, namely Government Administration, Security Services, the Politicians and the Businessmen.

Mr President, both systems also try vehemently to muscle the Fourth Estate namely, the PRESS.

Mr President, both dictatorial systems have one common bigger enemy that we technically call Peoples Anger. No system on earth can contain the wrath of a Peoples Power and, thank Allah, in Gambia’s case change was done through democratic means against the military dictatorship and can also be made again through the ballot against a civilian dictatorship.

Mr President, those close collaborators that will advise you to use force, ignoring and belittling methods to silence a people are shortsighted hypocrites. They cannot digest divergent views nor accept challenge. These people are generally strife-mongers, drunk with power, just to satisfy their over-dimension egos.

They forget yesterday easily. They take power for granted and look down on others that are not within the corridors of power. These types of power hungry selfish people should be identified within your government circles and restrained.

Mr President, always remember that 60% of Gambians voted against ex-president Jammeh because they did not like the way Jammeh was ruling The Gambia. These majority Gambians stood their ground peacefully and beautifully, and were unshaken when the losing ex-president Jammeh tried to create havoc by using all government instruments and institutions, to provoke the gallant people of this country to go down the streets for him to shed more blood before going for good.

We thank Allah that Jammeh left us in peace without a bullet shot. In this there is a GODLY lesson to learn from the solution decreed by Allah - that Jammeh will go without bloodshed just as he came in 1994 without bloodshed. Allah Be Praised.

Mr. President, always remember that you are the Father of the Nation and not only of a clan, be it political, family or business associates. NEVER forget that Allah will ask you alone how you governed The Gambia, as explicitly reminded to you by the Khalif General of the Mourids when you last visited him. This is the best advice from one who wants to see you succeed in your Noble Presidential Mission.

Mr. President, be fair, be tolerant and specially be honest. Mr. President, NEVER disappoint your past and present colleagues and always be TRUE to your word and promises you made yesterday, when power was not in your hands.

Mr. President, politics being what it is, my advice to you is to deliver decisions above politics to the people whom you did not pay a butut to elect you as their president. Always think of the people first and always ask yourself what you can do to improve the lives of the people, and not what you can do for politicians, the family, the friends and the praise singers.

Mr. President, always remember that when power shifts to other hands, those that were close to you yesterday will be nowhere to be seen or heard. To reflect on this fact, please ask ex-presidents Sir Dawda Jawara, Abdou Diouf, Amadou Toumani Toure, Alfa Konare and Abdoulaye Wade.

Such is the lesson of life to be prepared for tomorrow.

ONLY Allah Has Permanent Power and delegates and retrieves power from the hands of MEN at His appointed times.

Finally, Mr. President, We the People of the Gambia want constant and cheap electricity, water, goods and services and jobs. Will you serve us?

Have a good day, Mr. President.

Written by: Pa Njie Girigara.