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Jul 3, 2017, 9:53 AM

Mr President, the last week was one of the worst weeks we had for some time in terms of accidents.  Three accidents, within a week, occurred at the Senegambia Highway alone.

Unfortunately, one taxi driver lost his life in one of the accidents at Senegambia.  With the advent of the new government, we have noticed a rise in drink-driving, and drivers without licence.

Your new government should consider this a top priority since people are losing their lives.

A lot of things could be done but as a start, we should educate the traffic wardens about the dangers of drink-driving and driving without a licence so they could be tough on it.

We should find a way of reducing the amount of corruption that goes on at our roads with traffic officers and drivers.  Corruption is generally unacceptable but it is even much more intolerable on the road where it could lead to inefficiency of the traffic officers and negligence of drivers and the result of which is loss of lives on the road.

The government and any concern stakeholder should work with the law courts to appropriately punish drink-driving and driving without license.

Mr President, of course, we know that your government has so many pressing issues, particularly to right the wrongs of the previous regime; but consideration should be given to safety at road by way of tackling drink-driving and unlicensed driving.