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GNOC, Ministry of Sports defer on election conduct

Aug 5, 2013, 9:04 AM | Article By: Lamin Cham

Some eighteen out of the 24 recognised Voter list of the Gambia National Olympic Committee, GNOC on Saturday elected Momodou Dibba and his entire executive committee unopposed, a move many believed have now put to rest a long and embarrassing disagreement over who is allowed to vote.

However soon after the elections were conducted, the Ministry of Sports, sent a press release to say it has not accepted or recognise the outcome of the deliberations at Olympic House because the body has violated its own constitution by failing to give a 30-days notice ahead of the elective congress. A similar was also made by members of national associations opposed to the bureau members.

According to the Ministry of Sport, the GNOC had been communicated to postponed the August 3rd elections and observe the one month notice as per their constitution but they failed to honour it.

Consequently, the ministry said they are not recognising the elections and are urging the GNOC to stick to their constitutional demand.

Prior to the Ministry’s intervention, it was all smiles at the Olympic House as Mr Dibba gave his acceptance speech calling on the opposition to come forward and bury the hatchet to work for the development of sports in The Gambia.

He said the overwhelming support he received from the congress of delegates that Saturday is a manifestation of the quality of leadership he and his team have shown.

‘’We shall do our best to continue to work toward development of Gambian sports and Gambian athlete in the full term we have just been given,’’ Dibba said while thanking all for the trust bestowed on him and his team.

Dibba’s team of core execute members were all returned except the post of second VP which now went to Aboulie Jallow of basketball replacingAbdou Sylon.

The following are the elective members of elected at Saturday’s meetings.

Momodou M Dibba - President

Beatrice Allen - 1st VP

Abdoulie Jallow - 2nd VP

Peter Prom - Sec. Gen.

Ousman Wadda - Treasuer


Abou Shylon

Mary Samba

Ebrima Tamba

Co-opted members

Namory Trawalley - media

Dodou Kapi Joof - Adviser

Below is the full statement from the Ministry of Sports signed by Deputy Permanent Secretary Malang Jassey.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports and the National Sports Council wishes to inform the general public particularlythe sports family of The Gambia about that the blatantof respectto official authority as manifested by certaindisgruntle elements of the self appointed bureau of the National Olympic committee of The Gambia, who went ahead against all reasonable advise and conducted an illegal assembly on Saturday the 3rd August2013 for the elections of a newbureau ofthe National Olympic Committee is unacceptable.

The Ministry and the Sports Council jointly condemns the undignified and insolentact. Therefore, the Ministry will not recognise any result of any so-called bogus and sham elections that was held on August 2013 and hereby declares those results null and void and not binding..

The Ministry once again seizes the opportunity to remind the general public that the constitutional mandate to regulate, administer and manage sports in the country resides with the ministry of sports only. The ministry will not waver for an inch in the dispensation of that responsibility. In this regard all actors in the sports sector havea chose to eithercomply with the dictates of the sports and approved sports regulations of the land or simply give way to genuine players.

At a moments when the whole country is rejoicing the beginning of new era for football development with heightened sangunity, it is simply contemptible and an affront to all senses of civility that anypersonwould want opena can of worms of discord in the sports family for nothing but purely selfishinterest .

The honourable minister personally met with the secretary general of the National Olympic Committee and reminded him that the provisions of the GNOC constitution, clearly demands that a 30 day notice is given prior to holding elections and an official email sent to him on the same matter. Regrettable him and his cohortsdefiled all approaches of sensible engagement and have b now chosen a collision course with the ministry, Their intentions are clear and itis only for one thing which is to bring the country and government into disrepute with international partners.

The ministry assure all and sundry that it will continue with its given mandate responsibly and effectively.