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Gilkock Academy To Celebrate 9th Birthday - PRO

Nov 19, 2009, 4:30 PM

The Brufut based Gilkock Football Academy will on Saturday November 21st celebrate its 9th year of operation, says Sang Mendy, the Public Relations Officer and Head of the academy.

According to the Public Relations Officer, the academy has planned a series of activities to celebrate its birthday for the first time after years of operation.

"We have planned series of activities involving a march- past, symposium, talent execution, games and awards.

Because this is the first time we are organising such an event. We will love to have a very successful anniversary and come next year we will love to make it bigger by then we will be ten years old," he explained

The Public Relations Officer said at this stage they have already outlined some of the things that will be done during the anniversary.

He also stated that apart from working with the academy; they will invite people from Brufut to witness this interesting event.

The Head of the academy said they intend to surprise the people of Brufut as usual. 

"We have planned to celebrate our ninth year of existence in a grand style. In this way, we will entice our players, let their parents see some of the things we do with their kids and allow great people who past through football to speak to them during the symposium and as well have fun with the rest of the community."

"We have never done anything in isolation because we know Brufut is where we belong and it is from its people our players are coming from, so we will always invite them to come so that after the event they can give us their feedback," he added.

The celebrations will begin with a march-past, followed by a symposium with topics such as the importance of long- term player development, the role of parents in the development of players, paying compensation and what agents look for in a player, and renowned football experts, such as Mr. Kabba Ceesay a FIFA agent and Ebrima Manneh interior's Head Coach will deliberate on the said topics.

In conclusion, the Public Relations Officer called on companies, institutions and individuals to come out and support this event as their products and services can be featured on the academy's website.

He however thanked Mamadou Max Jallow and other Brufutarians resident in the UK for their continuous assistance during events like this, and called on other Brufutarians to emulate them.