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Ghanaian university launches Gambia alumni association

Dec 8, 2015, 10:29 AM | Article By: Adam Jobe

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Ghana Sunday launched The Gambia branch of KNUST Alumni association at a hotel in Kololi.

The launching is believed to be a step further to further smoothen the already existing relationship between Ghana and The Gambia.

Speaking on the occasion, Juka Fatou Jabang, executive director of West African Education Foundation, said The Gambia and Ghana have enjoyed fruitful political, social and economic association.

She said the Ghanaian university, established on 1952, is a renowned institute that seeks to advance the knowledge in science and technology for the sustainable development of Africa.

Mrs Jabang noted that former students of a university can play an important role in advancing the goals and aspiration of the university, adding that KNUST alumni associations are integrated and embedded in the university’s setup.

“This is demonstrated by the fact that there is an alumni centre on the KNUST campus that does not only coordinate all alumni activities but it also serves as focal point for members and ensures permanent interface between the university and the alumni,” she said.

Mrs Jabang explained that the alumni association members have been organising programmes both academic and social such as workshops, lectures, tours, and gala dinners.

“Thus the ceremony that we are witnessing now marks another milestone in the history of your reputable university in its bid to maintain links with its old boys and girls,” she said, adding that the launching brings the human face of KNUST to their minds.

The purpose of the association is to enable members to display genuine pride and esteem to their alma mater and foster the spirit of loyalty and allegiance.

The association keeps ex-students connected to KNUST as it develops and grows and as it shapes its future and those of generation to come.

Mrs Jabang said membership of the alumni association affords one the opportunity for a networking platform that helps alumni connect with each other worldwide in academic circles and professional affinities that have a lasting impact.

Dr Kwame Saarah-Mensah, KNUST council chairman, said the alumni are the ambassadors of the university.

He said KNUST enables students to be pioneers of their careers as it continues to offer invaluable studies across the globe to improve the lives of humankind.