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GSIC must act now!

May 22, 2012, 1:15 PM

The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC) should act now before it is too late, to address any issue between Imam Fatty and Imam Fofana.

The recent renewed attacks between State House Mosque Imam Abdoulie Fatty and scholar Ba Kawsu Fofana must end now.

The council should bring the two Muslim heads together to resolve their misunderstanding at their own level as soon as possible.

In his last week sermon, Imam Fatty blasted Ba Kawsu in the strongest term while the latter was also accused of saying certain things about the former indirectly.

Whatever the case may be, media practitioners, in their own domain, should not allow themselves and their mediums to be used to fuel trouble in society.

The Friday sermons are meant to remind people about God and the Holy prophet (PBUH) as well as highlight societal issues that are of common interest to the Umah.

Such occasions and sermons should not be used to insult one another or recall things of negative light that have happened between each other.

It is very sad and unfortunate seeing our religious scholars and representatives of the almighty Allah behaving below standards.

Instead of some of our religious leaders use their sermons to teach people about God and Islam in general they concentrate on aggravating misunderstanding between them and by extension their followers and the general public.

We are very much disappointed with the way and manner the two scholars are behaving in society today and therefore call on the Islamic council to intervene without much ado.

Religious leaders are among the most respected people in society and as such should always serve as role models to the community.