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Gambians in Italy camps ‘angrily’ complain of poor condition to police

Aug 10, 2015, 2:33 PM | Article By: Alagie Jinkang in Italy

A group of at least 20 Gambian youths, on the 7 August at 1pm, out of apparent feeling of frustration and lack of help went to the central police station of Torino, Italy, to lodge a complaint of poor services at their asylum camp.

Our correspondent in Italy said as the mod arrived and wanted to “hastily” enter the police station to seek attention but they were stopped at the main gate by the guards. The guards later allowed only two in to go and lodge the complaint on behalf of the rest.

The two went into the station with a paper stating their issues. Through an interpreter, the duo gave a general claim of maltreatment in their centre.

They lamented that they lack basic needs and are not given any respectful attention when they need it.

The youth said they have been in the camp for a year but there is seemingly no improvement in their situation. 

“We are not given enough good food, health services, clothing and no moneys for call or other things,” they lamented.

After angrily raising all their concerns, the Gambian back-way migrants were tactically sent out of the police station by referring them to an immigration office which is 15 kilometres away and unbeknown to them. 

As they left the station feeling hopeless and helpless, a police officer told our correspondent that it is the right of foreigners to have quality services but only when it is possible.