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Gambian Science on the rise

Oct 7, 2010, 2:42 PM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

Two young Gambian boys, Seedy Jabang and Bakary Badjie from Tujereng have continued to set the pace in producing assorted scientific gadgets, ranging from Radio Transmitter, Gramophone/Amplifier, Door Detector (Touching Light), stereoscope, Television Transmitter, Winding Land Telephone (Telephone number 00220-4879), Radio Receiver and Bajan Gun (125 metres range). However, they are in tears as they have done such with no assistance and are appealing to see President Yahya AJJ Jammeh who has shown interest in Science and Technology. They are poised to get their message across to His Excellency and other stake holders to make their dream come true.

Society and Development has searched and seen what it takes to be a true Gambian scientist. The two 25 year old men answered questions for you to gain from.

S&D: Gentlemen, how did it all start?

Seedy Jabang: I am an electrician, repairing television and radio mechanic at Tujereng. My heart was burning with interest to create something leading to our creation of the above. It started in 2004, starting with a Radio Transmitter with one voice that could cover about 200 metres and our ideas increase and we have created 'Nine Voices' that could be heard in the whole of Tujereng. At the moment we are creating 50 Voice, which is expected to cover the whole of Western Region from Banjul to Kalaji.

S&D: What did you come up with again after that?

Bakary Badjie: I can also make another item that is the Gramophone / Amplifier. After this, we went on with the "touching Light" or Detector. This detects anyone who touches a door where it is fixed. It has a red light, which can also be an alarm bell. We created what doctors use to test the heart beat. Our invention will continue unabated.

S&D: Was there any breaking invention?

Seedy Jabang: After all the above we went on to creating our own home made gun called, "Bajan Gun," which can use only finger battery as the bullet to shoot its target.

S&D: What did you use for the transistor?

Seedy Jabang: We use transistor, Air Core, Resistor and Capacitor. It is used to produce sound; the Air Core helps the antenna with its in-built microphone. The Radio works on 78. 8 FM.           

S&D: Have you put it into operation?

Seedy Jabang: From time to time, we operate it to test so that the whole village can enjoy it. If we have materials, we can produce a radio for the whole Gambia. We lack the sponsorship; if we do, then we shall be number one. But we need to be given the chance to go for further studies, where by we can train our own people especially the youth to study in our mother tongue to make them useful. If the required materials are there, we can work wonders.

S&D: Tell me about the 9 Voice Transmitter?

Seedy Jabang: Our 9 Voice Transmitter can cover 1 and half kilometers. We want to work on our 50 Voice and make it a standard station.

S&D: What good did you need?

Seedy Jabang: We are yet to meet the President and that is why we are coming to the media so that we can make our request to the President and to see him so as to display our talents for him to see. We know that the president has interest in development that is why we are here to let him know that we are here to let him see us.

S&D: Any message to President Jammeh?

Seedy & Bakary: We are young Gambians who have the country at heart to take it forward in terms of Science and Technology. We want to tell him that we are not making anything for our benefit or gratification it is only for the country and the world at large. We also want to tell him that we are soliciting his support and that of his government. We shall also train others if we are giving the chance to study. Expatriates are just coming to give to us but would leave some behind so that we can go and contact them again to come. We need further studies in our area and it will help the country?s image in Science and shall tell the world that we are Gmabians.

S&D: Any advice to the people?

Seedy & Bakary: We need support and encouragement from them as well. Youth and others should not see themselves as empty barrels. We are school leavers but it does not mean we can?t help in the development of the country. We want to take our country forward provided we are given the chance to build a Radio Station. We need a place from them. We need people to work with us and take the country forward. We do not consider tribe, race or religion. We are ready to work with all and sundry.

S&D: Tell us your contact incase anyone would love to see you guys.

Seedy & Bakary: We don't have our own mobiles but our good people would tell us any message. The numbers are; 6253901 or 6375062 or 7701190. Get in touch, you will get to us in time.

S&D: You have been too kind to answer these questions, I want to thank you.

Seedy & Bakary: You have the greater part of the thank you. May God who knows our problem help you to excel in your work for helping us, God bless you.

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