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Gambian Bags INTO Scholarship

Aug 4, 2009, 6:39 AM | Article By: Cherno O. Bobb

INTO, which came into being at the initiative and request of the UK universities sector, making it different from other companies in higher education has given a 25, 500 pounds scholarship package to one Cherno Bajan of the West Africa International School, to pursue a two- year medical studies in the University of East Anglia in the UK.

INTO, which invests to improve the quality of international students in the UK and USA, is being represented by Miranda Nehme Group in the Gambia that helps students to facilitate their admissions to various universities in the UK and USA.

Miranda Nehme Group counsels students and work with different programmes and universities available to them.

INTO is a 50-50 venture designed to house and educate overseas student in preparation for UK and USA university degree courses, either 'A' level, Foundation, Undergraduate or Postgraduate studies.

It also devotes huge amounts of time and effort to ensure that international students are appropriately looked after and supported.

 "We believe that INTO is a better model than any other in the UK market, for students, universities and for UK higher education as a whole".

It is setting new standards in quality teaching, care and accommodation for UK universities on the world stage in an exciting new way" said Mrs. Nehme, shortly after the presentation.

Miranda Nehme Group, which is representing INTO in the Gambia ensure that "all schools in the Gambia are contacted and well-informed about the scholarship for their students that meet the requirements and once they get the students, they send their names to UK and apply for them for this scholarship."

The first Gambian student to benefit from this scholarship is Cherno Bajan of the West Africa International School who is going for a two-year 'A' level medical study, at the University of East Anglia in the UK.

Cherno Bajan expressed delight at the scholarship, and for being the first Gambian student to benefit from the package.

He further thanked Mrs. Nehme, his parents, and urged his fellow students to work hard and concentrate on their education so that they can also benefit from the scholarship.