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Gambia Tourism potential attracts Nigeria, through the eyes of Nigerian journalists

Jan 21, 2011, 2:25 PM

Six Nigerian journalists recently concluded a weeklong visit to The Gambia to asses the country's huge potential as a tourist destination and business centre with a view to sensitising holidaymakers and business operators in their country.

Briefing journalists during their tour of the country, Modou Tala Jobe, Marketing Officer at the Gambia Tourism Authority, said The Gambia as a destination is already increasing the number of Nigerians as a tourism stakeholders to take full advantage and secure a share of the Nigerian market.

He explained that Nigeria was an integral part of Gambian tourist diversification strategies, which include attracting potential holidaymakers from across the region.

The GTA official added that Nigerians are blessed to embark on a mission as holidaymakers as far away as European destinations and other parts of the world.

He assured the team that his office would take the challenges of changing the course of such holidaymakers to consider making holidays in Africa and The Gambia in particular.

He added that they would find making their holiday cheaper in The Gambia in terms of spending than other countries.

"The visit of the Nigerian journalists in the country is another important aspect in terms of creating awareness among other holidaymakers in Nigeria, using media in that country to impress upon Nigerians that The Gambia is a tourist and business place," Mr Jobe said.

Mr Jobe thanked  the local tourism stakeholders for their wonderful idea of inviting Nigerian journalists to The Gambia with a view of selling the tourism aspect of the country.

He also thanked the journalists for taking the responsibility to come and see the potentials of the country, urging them that more of their visit would be welcomed.

Yvonne Bassey, executive producer of Thru The Eyes of An African. thanked the GTA for their wonderful hospitality in receiving them in The Gambia.

"This trip is another advantage for The Gambia in terms of selling the tourism system in Nigeria," she said, adding that The Gambia being a cheaper destination without travelling a long distance from her country, has a lot to share with Nigeria.

She thanked the Ministry of Tourism and Culture as well as the GTA for supporting the tourism destination sensitisation initiative, saying: "This link between the two countries will continue from strength to strength."