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Gambia Senior School are Inter School Champions

Apr 17, 2008, 7:54 AM

The 2008 Inter School Athletics finals, organised by the Gambia Secondary School School's Sports Association, was claimed by The Gambia Senior Secondary School.

In the final staged last weekend at the Independence Stadium in Bakau Gambia High school, as it is fondly called, registered 467points being the highest number of points in this years edition.

Bottrop Senior Secondary school from Western Region came out second with 325 points followed by Saints, who made what looked like a disappointing performance this year by only picking 195 points.

Pakalinding toped the Junior category with 229, followed by Latrikunda Junior Secondary school with 190 points. Abuko Secondary School occupied 3rd position with 137 points.

The annual Inter school championship brought together schools from across the country to compete in different events ranging from field to track events.

Below are the results of the finals in both Senior and Junior category.

School                                             Points                                              Position

Gambia SSS                                         416                                                     1st

Bothrop                                                 325                                                     2nd

Saints                                                   195                                                     3rd

SOS                                                     181                                                      4th

Muslim                                                  154                                                      5th

Farafenni                                                 82                                                      6th

Sifoe                                                       77                                                      7th

Brikama Methodist                                   73                                                      8th

Brikama Ba                                             72                                                       9th

St Peters                                                 53                                                     10th

G. Baptist                                                49                                                     11th

Fatima                                                     45                                                     12th

Armitage                                                  35                                                     13th

Charles  Fowlis                                         29                                                     14th

Nusrat                                                      29                                                     14th

Essau                                                      29                                                     14th

John Pickerin                                            27                                                     17th

Kerewan                                                   27                                                      17th

Scan  Aid                                                 14                                                      19th

Mahad                                                      09                                                      20th

Basang                                                     07                                                      21st

Ndow's                                                     06                                                      22nd

Kotu                                                         05                                                      23rd

Kaur                                                         04                                                      24th

Nasir                                                        00                                                      25th

Tahir                                                        00                                                       25th

Kerr Cherno                                              00                                                       25th

Junior Secondary Schools

Pakalinding                                             229                                                      1st

Latrikunda                                              190                                                       2nd

Abuko                                                    137                                                       3rd

Jamisa                                                   125                                                       4th     

Gunjur                                                    120                                                       5th

Sukuta                                                     67                                                       6th

Banjulding                                                61                                                       7th

Latrikunda Sabiji                                       53                                                       8th

Kabafita                                                   51                                                        9th

St Thereses                                             51                                                         9th

Talinding                                                  46                                                       11th

St Mulumbas                                           44                                                        12th

Greater Banjul                                          42                                                        13th

 Arangallen                                              41                                                         14th

Essau Barra                                            41                                                          14th

Kitty                                                       39                                                          16th

St Georges                                              34                                                          17th

St Francis                                                32                                                          18th

Sitanuku                                                  30                                                          19th

Kombo Kerewan                                       30                                                          19th                           
Fatoto                                                     27                                                          21st

Old Yundum                                             24                                                          22nd

SOS                                                        19                                                          23rd

Bakoteh                                                   14                                                          24th

Ndow's                                                     14                                                          24th 

Bakalarr                                                    13                                                          26th

St Michael                                                 11                                                          27th

Keneba                                                      10                                                         28th

Fara Fenni                                                  10                                                        28th

Kotu                                                           08                                                        30th

St Edwards                                                 06                                                        31st

Brikama                                                      06                                                        31st

Kaif                                                             04                                                        33rd

Mingdon                                                      04                                                        33rd

Bakau                                                         04                                                        33rd

Kwenala                                                      02                                                        36th

Kuntaya                                                       -                                                            -  

Tujereng                                                       -                                                            -