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Gambia kung-fu delegates return from Dakar

Jun 13, 2012, 3:11 PM

The Gambia Kung-fu Association (GKFA) on Sunday returned from Dakar, Senegal, after honouring an invitation to attend kung fu competition at Marie Njie's Stadium in Dakar.

The kung fu delegation left on Friday with the hope of competing but unfortunately the competition could not materialise due to the absence of other countries supposed to take part in the competition.

The competition turned into an exhibition of kung fu talents in which delegates of the GKFA also participated and displayed their amazing kung fu methods and talents to the audience.

The GKFA delegation took the opportunity to meet with the Senegalese Kung fu Wushu Federation and a lot was discussed including how to move the Gambia kung fu to higher heights.

“On behalf of the Gambia Kung fu Association I would like to thank the Taiwanese embassy and National Sport Council for the assistant towards our trip to Dakar,” said Ebou Sanyang, alias Jet Li, public relations officer of the GKFA.