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Gambia gov't rubbishes deportation report

Jan 12, 2010, 1:42 PM

Following reports by the international media of the deportation of a Jamaican-born Muslim cleric, Abdullah Al-Faisal to The Gambia recently, the government of The Gambia has issued a press release, reacting strongly to such a report.

Below is the full text of the press release:

"It has come to the attention of the Government of The Gambia that certain International media networks such as the BBC, CNN and Algezera have recently reported the deportation to The Gambia of Keyan/Jamaican national by the name of Abdullah Al-Faisal who allegedly had links with Al-Qaeda.

The government wish to inform the general public, all diplomatic missions accredited to The Gambia, and the whole world that these reports are malicious, unfounded and misleading and that no such person has landed to the shores of The Gambia.

All statements alluding to the arrival in The Gambia of Abdullah AL-Faisal are absolutely false and an insult to the peace loving people of the Gambia.

Furthermore, there has never been any contact between the government of Kenya and the government of The Gambia on the said deportation of Abdullah Al-Faisal to the Gambia.

Given government's position of 'zero tolerance' on crime, more so on terrorists, it is inconceivable that the Gambia government would entertain, let alone welcome a person being deported for what ever reason and who is not a Gambian and allegedly linked to terrorism. The Government wish to reassure the international community and friends of the Gambia of its commitment to maintain The Gambia as a heaven of peace and prosperity where hate-mongers, racists, criminals and terrorists are not welcome.

Any airline who dares to fly this said Abdullah Al-Faisal to The Gambia will be impounded and those responsible will be charged for terrorist crimes against The Gambia and be prosecuted to the latter. We have no intension, whatsoever to entertain such activities of deporting terrorist suspects, terrorists or deportees in our soil."