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Friday in the Mawlid and its beauty

Dec 29, 2014, 10:59 AM | Article By: SANDIGIE NJIE

The burden of my sins supersedes my strength. My soul is weak and my legs are lazy to do the doable .I am task to be observing and performing my assignments in compliance with the dictates and principles of Sharia and Sunnah but I woefully fail in fulfilling my bound duties and responsibilitiesbut the shadow and light of my beloved is portraying me to be good but I am a sinner who choose to love you out of favour of the most exaltedand not by my will because I am a sinner who lives it, sees it, breath it, hears it, talks about it and much more commits it, but yet I will repent and ask for Your mercy which is Infinite andis the only source that can lead me to the path of Your favoured. I am a desperate servant who is feeble to carry out what You ask of him. I am sick by my heart, my soul and body and solemnly call on you with humility Ya Habibi. Cure and heal the diseases that affect me adversely and uplift me to be amongst the acknowledged, recognise and appreciated as I kneel before you Ya Habibi in humble submission and in dire need as a sick servant. Ya Habibi you are the true love, source of love, hope and to love you makes the poor and weak servant regain all what is lost and have his deficiencies adequately restored. My love, here I throw my heart before you to have it repaired, disinfected and rinse with “Nurul Hakka”. Ya Habibi, a sinner is saddened and he calls for you the Noblest of the Noble to occupy all his heart. Ya Habibi, love belongs to you and you choose which of the hearts to favour and bless with your love. Ya Habibi, loving you is renewed each day because you are the best of all creations as Allah attest to in His Holy Quran .You are the light of the universe and the radiant of darkness. Your creator and mine attest that you are a mercy to mankind as He states in the Holy Quran. I ask Thee to whom all belongs to increase me in Iman, Takwa, Ihsan, Yahin, Ihlas , Wa Tumania, Oubudia and steadfast and to cause me to drawn in the ocean of your love and lead me to the station of the desired.

Friday is the best of days as Ramadan is the best of months. I will continue to rejoice with glad tidings as authentic Hadith reveals to us that you use to fast on Mondays to thank Allah and celebrated the day you were born. I am sure with vehement conviction that this is ample enough to qualify the celebrations of you birthday which is auspicious to us. There exist numerous reasons that qualify why we embrace this day of delight. I ask for your acceptance of our celebrations in diverse ways .Our “insaania”, tells You who we are and we err yet we continue to repent and subdue before You and ask for Your forgiveness and mercy. Guide us to what pleases You and shower Your Infinite mercy upon my late father, my departed sister, my lineage, my friends, love ones and the souls of all the departed Muslims bi barakati Mustapha (SAW).I ask this through Your humble name YA RAHMAN YA RAHIM.

A man whose bear feet never reaches all shores yet his message is love, adored day by day. You were not the tallest in Makkah yet they call you the tallest. You were not the wealthiest yet they call you the most generous. They label you with all sorts of negativity yet they call you the Trustworthy. You were not of a giant size yet they call you the bravest and most courageous. You found them in absolute loss and darkness yet you pour light in their hearts. You met them in class struggle yet you break those barriers of inferiority and cause them to socialise and accept to live as equals as human and maintain tolerance. You met them burying the girl child as a symbol of bad omen yet you convince them to understand that the female is a mother and a Nation. They were more armed and bigger in military might and yet you defeated them. You did not physically reach all planets yet your message is heard, honoured and accepted in all frontiers. In Madina,they pray facing the east as in USA,China,UK,Russia,South Africa and little Gambia asIslam is over the GLOBE. What more do we need to ask for other than to stick to the dictates and doctrines as you and your companions have been manifesting with sincerity. Ya Habibi I am choice less of word that best suites describing you and your exemplary character. Ya Habibi my love and beloved pardon me for talking too much and kindly excuse me and understand that I am not talking to my poor self but rather my poor self is talking to the right personality whilst I am with you as if I am not here .I know am kneeling before you MASTER of all masters and to you my love is to. Ya Habibi my beloved, you are unlimitedly love without reservations and I ask Allah to send benediction upon you (SAW).

“Allah and His angels call down blessings on the Prophet. O you who believe! Call down blessings on him and ask for complete peace and safety for him.” (Quran 33:56)Allah-umma Salli ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammadin ... “O Allah send benediction upon Sidina Muhammad.