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Fangdema Kafoo Holds Congress

Jan 21, 2009, 5:30 AM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

A self-supporting organisation based in Bundung Borehole known as Fangdema Kafoo recently held its annual congress at KalaaBantangNursery school in Bundung.

Addressing the gathering, the president of the group, Madam Fatou Faye, said that the main objective of the Kafoo (group) is to help children and the youth of the area to overcome the problems confronting them.

Mrs.Amie Sillah Sarr, the guest speaker of the occasion, hailed the group for manifesting understanding and co-operation among themselves.

The gender activists advised the group members to do away with discrimination and to see each other as the same family. She said that men and women should always respect each other. Madam Sarr urged youths to use the right way to enter Europe whenever they want to travel rather than going through the dangerous sea.

Mr. O J Jallow called on youth to be patriotic citizens. He urged them to work hard and not to be beggars. "Concentrate on your education so that you can become independent which will earn you respect and dignity," he advised. Mr.Jallow further advised young people to avoid drug and alcohol abuse and to stop siting at jettos.

Moreba Susso, chairman of the occasion, thanked the school for hosting the event and all those present for attending the programme.