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Ex-solicitor general continues testimony under cross-examination

Oct 24, 2013, 9:31 AM | Article By: Malamin L.M. Conteh

Pa Harry Jammeh, former solicitor general and legal secretary, yesterday continued his testimony in the criminal trial involving him, former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Lamin AMS Jobarteh, and former Secretary General and Head of Civil Services, Dr Njogu Bah.

The three were arraigned before Justice Emmanuel Nkea of the Special Criminal Court, charged with three counts which include conspiracy to carry out a lawful purpose by an unlawful means, giving false information to a public officer, and abuse of office, charges they had denied.

Responding to questions by defence counsel L.K. Mboge, Pa Harry Jammeh told the court that exhibit B was from the Office of the President, adding that exhibit E gave rise to the problem.

“While I was making statement, I was referring to exhibit B, as a directive received by the Ministry of Justice, and what AG told me is that there is nothing in exhibit B that talks about the sacking or termination of Justice Wowo,” he said.

He stated that exhibit E talks about the arrest and investigation of Justice Wowo.

“I agree that the 3rd accused is not the legal adviser to the President and I did not know how the 3rd accused got to the ill conduct of Justice Wowo,” he explained.

“I know that Justice Wowo was investigated by the police and the case file was sent to the Ministry of Justice, and I also came to know that some members of the judiciary were reported to the police and were later arrested by the police and detained in connection with Amie Bensouda’s case,” Pa Harry Jammeh disclosed.

He said he could not remember the specific reasons the judicial officers were arrested and he was not at the meeting held at the State House to discuss the issue of Wowo.

The former solicitor general told the court that he wrote the two exhibits based on the instruction given to him by the AG.

“I did not attend the Judicial Service Commission meeting on Wowo. It was the government in consultation with the Ministry of Justice that made recommendation for the appointment of Justice Raymond Sock,” he said.

“I did not know who played the pivotal role for the arrest and detention in the case of Wowo,” he stated, adding that their ministry was the legal adviser to the Office of the President.

Hearing continues.