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Entertainment & Lifestyle: Gambian artiste Dave Ndow to perform in Banjul on New Year eve

Dec 13, 2019, 12:20 PM

As preparations are in high gear, Gambia’s capital city of Banjul is expected to rise above nature, as thousands of music lovers would gather at the Atlantic Hotel to witness spectacular performances by the two artistes, Dave Ndow and Jizzle, on New Year’s Eve on December 30.

The New Year eve entertainment will be organised by Jollof Arts Entertainment and Dekali Banjul.

In a chat with the Point Entertainment and Life style, Dawda Ndow, alias Dave Ndow said he would perform on stage with Jizzle on New Year eve and it would be one of its kind in the history of Gambian music.

“We organize this event to entertain my fans as well as Banjulians, because Banjul is always lonely during New Year eve,” he said, adding that they have been working on this event for almost two months now.

Dave explained that he was in the music since 2006, and 2008 i finally started his own music by releasing singles. Advance tickets are for D200 and VIP tickets are for D1000 he noted.