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Education for All Hold Media Training on Sexual Harassment Policy

Jan 6, 2009, 7:37 AM | Article By: Malamin Conteh & Binta Fatty

Education for All recently held a one-day training exercise on sexual harassment policy at the Tango resource centre in Bakau. The chairperson of the gathering, Mrs. Sosseh, stated that if people don't know the legislation and policy they cannot know their rights. She highlighted the role of the media in educating and connecting people to the subject. She said that if any teacher is found to violate the rights of a school going girl then they will face the full force of the law. She said that the rights and wellbeing of women must be protected at all costs. She finally stated that girls should be educated and should take their educational careers seriously.

Mr. Matarr Baldeh, the national co-ordinator of Education for All, said that the participants all had girls at home that they wish to see protected, educated and free from sexual harassment. He said that the state is doing everything possible to see that girls are protected from sexual harassment and well educated. He highlighted the role of the media in sensitising people and encouraged those gathered to spread the message. He revealed that the Girls Education Programme sponsors about 600 girls but that some are victims of sexual harassment and so do not finish the programme.

Mr. Sawo, the programme officer of Fawegam, said that sexual violence and harassment violate children's human rights and damages them physically and psychologically. "It also undermines our pursuit of internationally agreed health and development goals," he said. He finally stated that a sexual harassment policy has been formulated which strictly prohibits sexual harassment in schools and advised both students and teachers not to engage in the practice. [if supportFields]>tc " Dr. Isatou Touray Is 'News and Report..."tc "Education for All Hold Media Training on Sexual Harassment Policy"tc "ATO Opens New Secretariat in The Gambia"tc "nNEWS"tc "The Bite "tc "Retrenchment of Unqualified Teachers Underway"tc " Dr. Isatou Touray Is 'News and Report 'Gambian of the Year 2008'"tc "Defence Fire Back in Oley Sey Case"