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Ebola update

Sep 3, 2014, 9:40 AM

Liberian nurses went on strike amid the Ebola break because of low pay, but ended their strike Tuesday after their demands were met.

The nurses asked for better pay, health insurance, and the payment of their salary arrears.

Six Liberian patients, who were positive, have recovered and were discharged on Monday.

Liberia to deny dismemberment rights to seamen.

Test shows no sign of Ebola in Swedish man.

In Nigeria, 16 cases have been confirmed of Ebola; 200 people under surveillance in Lagos and Port Hartcort and six people have died of the virus.

490 people have been employed in Nigeria to check people entering through illegal entry points.

The Guinean who brought the virus in Senegal, and was hosptialised in Faan Hospital is recovering, a doctor said.

Meanwhile, Health authorities have sprayed the house that he (the Guinean) was staying in Parcelles Assaini, Dakar, and all the people staying in that house were vacated and asked to go for testing in Fann Hospital.

Ivory Coast to open humanitarian corridor over Ebola with Liberia with strict security surveillance. They have also accepted to play against Sierra Leone on the September 6th, 2014 in Abidjan for the preliminary rounds of the African Cup of Nations.

According to Reuters, the world’s worst Ebola epidemic has put harvests at risk and sent food prices soaring in West Africa, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said on Tuesday, warning the problem would intensify in coming months.

The death toll from an outbreak of the Ebola virus in the Djera region of Northern Democratic Republic of Congo has risen to 31, Minister of Health Felix Kabange Numbi told Reuters on Tuesday.