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Disaster Management Calls For Effective Coordination

Oct 7, 2009, 5:00 AM

Disasters can always be serious and dangerous. If not properly managed, disasters can lead to a more complicated situation, thus leaving victims in trauma and frustration.

We are convinced that in order to effectively respond to disasters, there is a need for proper coordination and collaboration between various actors.

Partners in the field need to share information and knowledge regarding the extent of damages caused by disaster and their various interventions. In as much as they should work together, they should also avoid duplication of efforts.

One thing that is important for organisations working to mitigate the impact of disasters must ensure transparency and accountability in their interventions.

We must ensure that funds raised and received in the names of disaster victims reach the intended victims. This will always help in accumulating more funds for the victims.

The need for development partners to incorporate disaster management as part of their normal development work so that the frequency and severity of disasters are significantly reduced is fundamental.

We encourage all development partners in the country to make this a point of duty. It's imperative to note that disasters have no boundary, even though some believe that the poor are more vulnerable to disasters than those who are better off.

The issue of making disaster management a national agenda with a holistic approach towards addressing the problem is also a welcome development. Therefore, all hands must be on deck to address the situation.