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Deputy Controller, Weight and Measure Bureau on Meteorology in The Gambia

Jun 1, 2009, 7:57 AM | Article By: Sainey M.K. Marenah

Mr. Dominic P Jammeh, Deputy Controller, Weight and Measure Bureau, has revealed that correct measurement is essential to trade, vital to health safety, fundamental to Science and Technology.

He said that the reason of measuring is to obtain a definite statement as to the magnitude of quantity.

He said failure or the inability to measure may result in resorting to guesswork which may lead to disagreements and disputes, even catastrophic consequences when precision is required.

Mr. Jammeh was presenting a paper on meteorology in The Gambia during celebrations marking World Meteorology Day held recently at the Paradise Suites Hotel.

Dilating on the comparison of the English and French weights, the Deputy Controller went on to say English and French weights in the early 18th Century were largely held responsible for stimulating the emergence of the metric system in France in 1875.

The metric system is now used as the international system of measurement, adding that the SI system recognised seven base qualities from which all other qualities are derived according to laws that relate to them.

Mr. Jammeh further told the gathering that measurement in The Gambia dates back to the beginning of the Colonial period, when the British introduced the imperial system of measurement.

He stressed that legal meteorology on the measurements, public health and human safety is equally important from the point of view of consumer protection.

He noted that the Weight and Measure Bureau under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Employment was created in 1977 by an Act of Parliament. It aims to establish the standard of weights and measures, regulate trade and commerce.

Mr. Jammeh also told the gathering that the Bureau conducts periodic as well as surprise inspection of meteorology equipment as well as packaged goods and commodities on sale.