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Dembo Nursery School to Bolster Child Education

Nov 21, 2008, 4:24 AM | Article By: Lamin Darboe

Sir Dembo Nursery School (SDNS), based in Bundung Borehole, is changing the lives of many children in the area who would have found it very difficult to receive such kindergarten education that will take them to another level in their educational ladder.

The school, established on 28thof September 2007 with a handful of pupils, presently has enrolment strength of 36 children - 13 girls and 23 boys - who are receiving sound basic education.

The school, according to the founder and head teacher, Mr. Abass Koroma, was established to help children from poor backgrounds acquire sound education at the initial stage as well as to complement government's effort in achieving the MDG's on child education.

Mr. Koroma revealed that the main reason for establishing the school is to help young children in the area to have easy access to a nursery school and he also explained that as a teacher by profession he will continue to promote child education in the area.

He further revealed that the school needs additional support from the donors, philanthropists and individuals for the development of the school and also needs learning materials and other resources to of its floor maintenance, desk, chairs and teaching materials. " My aim is not only in the national but also in the universal development of child education, as we know that child education is fundamental human right," he said.

Mr. Koroma thanked the Government of The Gambia and the education department for creating an environment conducive to children's education and anybody who want to support the school can contact this number 9935450.