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Defence counsel continues cross-examination in nurses’ case

Apr 25, 2014, 10:25 AM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Lawyer Lamin Camara, who represented Awa Beyai and Awa Sanneh, nurses at the Serrekunda Health Centre, who were charged with neglect of official duty and abuse of office, continued cross-examination of the first prosecution witness on 23 April 2014, before Magistrate Tabally of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court.

He said he was also holding brief for counsel Kebba Sanyang on behalf of the third accused, Ndey Ceesay.

“Mrs Sambou, where do you live?” Lawyer Camara asked Isatou Sambou, the first prosecution witness.

“I live at Kotu,” said Sambou.

“It is correct that on 17 November 2013, you walked from Kotu to the Serrekunda Health Centre,” Camara said.

“I took a taxi,” replied Sambou.

“It is correct that when you arrived at Serrekunda Health Centre, you were told by Awa Beyai that you should not have reported there,” Camara said.

“She did not tell me that,” added Sambou.

“Mrs Sambou, did anybody tell you that this is not the proper health centre to deliver?” asked Camara.

“Nobody told me about my delivery at the health centre,” stated Sambou.

“Where do you normally go for your antenatal care?” Camara enquired.

“At the Serrekunda Health Centre,” said Sambou.

“When you went to the Serrekunda Health Centre you found two nurses there,” posited Camara.

“I found Awa Sanneh, who assisted me and gave me a clinic card,” Sambou replied.

“Are you telling the court that you have never met the first accused at the health centre?” asked Camara.

“I used to find the first accused at the health centre, and I am used to Awa Sanneh,” answered Sambou.

“You were all the time properly attended to whenever you visited the health centre,” Camara put it to Sambou.

“Whenever I visited the health centre, the accused would tell me that there was no medicine,” Sambou told the court.

“When did you arrive at the health centre on 17 November 2013,?” asked Camara.

“I arrived at 9a.m.,” Sambou said.

“It is correct that you delivered your babies at 10a.m. on 17 November 2013?” stated Camara.

“Yes,” Sambou answered.

“You told the court that you arrived at the health centre at 9 a.m.?” Camara said.

“Yes,” replied Sambou.

“Where were you between 9a.m. and 10a.m.?” Camara wanted to know.

“I was at the health centre and people gathered there which coincided with the arrival of my mother who saw me and came to assist me,” Sambou said.

“It is correct that you delivered two healthy babies and you were discharged by the two accused,” Camara stated.

“The accused did not assist me. My mother assisted me,” added Sambou.

“Your mother assisted you to deliver at the health centre?” asked Camara.

“I delivered outside when my mother was passing,” said Sambou.

“Mrs Sambou, are you telling the court that your babies were born outside the health centre?” asked Camara.

“Yes,” Sambou replied.

At this juncture, Lamin S. Camara applied for an adjournment to continue his cross-examination in chambers, adding that the issues he was going to touch on were sensitive and should not be made in public.

His application was granted, and the case was adjourned till 28 April 2014.