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Oct 27, 2015, 9:35 AM

GAMCOTRAP wishes to congratulate the entire UN System on the occasion of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of existence. This body consisting of the nation states has contributed a lot to the development of its members, states and communities. It has upheld the principle of equitable development and contributed in advancing progress in various forms in our countries. Through the UN System many countries have been able to fulfill their commitment to the polity and governments can boast of fulfilling their development blueprints because of the technical, financial and economic support they receive from the UN system to fulfill that dream.

Back home in my own context The Gambia, I wish to express special appreciation to the UN System for being there to support the NGO/CSO to compliment the efforts of the Government to advance development. Special appreciation comes from the Women’s Rights Movement for advancing gender equality and promoting women’ rights work all in support of the commitments made by the state. While the state is under obligation to fulfill these commitment it is obvious that it does not have all the resources to finance the work of the NGOs and CSOs. The UN system is here to chip in and provide both technical and financial support. On behalf of the Women’s Rights Movement I wish to register our sincere appreciation for supporting our work.  Thank you for supporting the work which we do to contribute to the efforts of the government of The Gambia to fulfill its obligations towards women and children.

I know that all the agencies in the UN system are engaged with NGOs/CSOs whose mandate falls within their areas of focus to advance development in The Gambia. The support given by the UN System has made it possible for organizations to reach every nooks and corners of The Gambia targeting vulnerable groups to make a difference in their lives.

Madam resident representative from our observations and engagements with the UN System I wish to inform you that your agency has achieved a lot for The Gambia. I wish to acknowledge the work of UNFPA for the great efforts it has made in promoting the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Women and children over the years. We have registered successes among rural communities which are worth noting.

In The Gambia, our area of intervention with the UNFPA has been very professional, transparent, and respectful of the work of communities resulting in trust and success gained over the years. Working with GAMCOTRAP on matters of health especially on sensitive issues like Female Genital Mutilation, early marriage and gender based violence has brought in a lot of progress in empowering women and communities in defending the rights of children. UNFPA is the giant behind the success of the FGM debate but yet very modest about it. It has manifested its professionalism by working within a culturally relevant approach that resonates with the people affected and supporting them to lead the change emanating from such development initiatives. We want to take this occasion to register our appreciation to UNFPA for being there for the women and children of The Gambia.

While a lot has been done there is still more to be done. The enactment of a law on FGM is core in the eradication of FGM in The Gambia.  So we continue to count on the UN System in pursuit of the rights of children, gender equality and development for our communities. I also urge you to support and guide the government of the Gambia to achieve the enactment of a law to protect the innocent girl-children and babies who are subjected to the gruesome practice of FGM.

I wish I was in a position to celebrate you (The UN SYSTEM)

I would give a MEDAL to the entire system

I would acknowledge your contributions financial, social, technical and economic

I would be there for the women and the entire people of The Gambia

May the Institution continue to grow stronger and stronger


Dr. Isatou Touray
Executive Director
22nd October 2015