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Concern Universal signs MoU with NEA

Mar 4, 2011, 12:36 PM

Concern Universal (CU) is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with The Gambia's National Environment Agency (NEA).

Concern Universal has been engaged in livelihood and environmental sustainability programs in The Gambia since 1992.  As an organization, CU is based on the idea of partnership and a participatory approach, thus working in partnership to challenge poverty and inequality.

The collaboration between local and national governments, community leaders, and local NGOs allows CU, to explore and define areas of critical need, ensuring a participatory approach through action and collaborative research.

It is well known that climate change is increasingly becoming a difficult challenge for communities in The Gambia. The National Environment Agency is also one of the leading actors in the country working to improve the environmental situation of The Gambia. 

As one of the leading Environment and Climate Change adaptation civil society organizations in The Gambia, CU is working to address the adverse impacts being felt by climate change and environmental degradation. The signing of this MOU will allow for increased work and impact for the benefit of the entire country.

Great efforts have been made through the past years to increase Concern Universal's work in the environment with specific focus on climate change adaptation in communities across the country. This is done in partnership with national non-governmental organisations in each of the regions.

CU remains fully committed in supporting The Gambia address and adapt to the changes in our climate and the negative impacts being felt through environmental degradation and climate change. Demonstrating this support on an international stage, CU engaged with the NEA and participated with the Gambian Government at the UNFCCC COP15 and 16 Climate Change Conferences in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Cancun, Mexico, in December in 2009 and 2010. 

CU views climate change to be an issue which impacts all areas and thus we have scaled up related work in key areas. Specifically CU currently has projects which within the environment sector which focus on reforestation, bio-diversity conservation, fuel efficient stoves and natural resource management.

The signing of this MOU will allow for even greater collaboration and integration of work from Concern Universal and the National Environment Agency.  Concern Universal has also signed an MOU with the Ministry of Agriculture in 2000. CU is in the ideal position to continue successful collaboration with the Gambian Government for mutual benefit and scale-up of mitigation and adaptation activities in order to address critical need.