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Complainant grilled in D2M jewellery theft case

Mar 19, 2012, 12:07 PM | Article By: Yusuf Ceesay

Rohey George, a complainant in the ongoing alleged jewellery theft case involving one Abdou George, was recently cross-examined by the defence counsel at the Kanifing Magistrate’s Court.

The accused, Abdou George, was charged with two counts of housebreaking and stealing.

It was alleged that the accused stole some jewellery valued over D2 million, a charge he had since denied.

Testifying, the complainant revealed that she and the accused are related, as she and the accused’s father share the same father and mother, adding that the accused’s father was recently in town.

Counsel then put it to her that all the accusations she had levelled against the accused person was because his mother passed away and the witness replied that she did not share relation with the accused’s mother.

She denied she hated the accused person’s mother when she was alive and as such, she had ill-feeling towards the son.

The witness admitted saying her stolen articles cost D2 million, adding that she also made a report to the police that the accused person stole her jewellery, which included gold, bangles and earrings.

When it was put to her that she did tell the police that the worth of her jewellery was D800,000, the witness denied the claim, saying it was the police that made such estimation.

“Did you present the receipts you purchased your jewellery to the police?” counsel enquired and the witness replied in the negative.

She denied she was at the police making unnecessary financial speculation over her stolen items, which the accused knew nothing about.

Quizzed whether the accused had a right to visit her house, she responded in the negative, but added that the accused’s grandmother is staying in her compound.

The complainant denied when it was put to her that the last time the accused visited her compound he did not enter into her house.

Asked by the court how she (the witness) knew the accused did enter into her house, she revealed that the accused was the only one that entered and stole in her house.

When it was put to the witness that the bangles for which she earlier rushed to the police, were never stolen by the accused, the witness responded in the negative.

The witness said the bangles belonged to the accused person’s grandmother. She further denied that she reported the said matter, because she wanted to finish with the accused person.

Hearing set to continue today.