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Comium Unveils New Product

Jul 21, 2009, 8:44 AM | Article By: Sainey M.K. Marenah

Comiun one of the leading and most innovative GSM operators in the country on Sunday 19th July, 2009, unveiled a new product dubbed E-Credit at a press conference held at Palma Rima Beach.

Mr. Nyang Njie, the Sales Manager at Comium, who launched the initiative, told journalists that "E-Credit is a product that is very good, simple way of recharging and can be used all over in The Gambia". He stated that E-Credit is environmentally-friendly as one does not need the use of scratch cards.

Comium Sales Manager said E-Credit can be sold at the lowest denomination of five to five thousand Dalasis as, according to him, it is an electronic transfer device. He said that the charge is minimal.

Mr. Nyang Njie further stated that "Comium's latest launching of E-Credit will be followed by the continuous unveiling of news products in the country's telecom market", saying that the system is very transparent and can be accessed through internet web page application.

"Comium has more than 2900 shops that will be using the new E-Credit service. In unveiling a product you look at two different things and those are the accessibility to customers and efficiency and profit-making," he stated.

He further noted that the product can also create employment opportunities for many people by selling E-Credit on wholesale and retail.
According to Mr. Njie, Comium is not only here to make profit, but to help Gambians as well.

The new product, he added, has lots of bonus than the conventional one, noting that Comium deemed it necessary to contribute its quota to nation-building

This new service, he added, can enable one sends credit to friends through the internet.