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ChildFund The Gambia in partnership with GRTS celebrates ICDB with children

Mar 12, 2012, 12:51 PM

The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting was launched by UNICEF in 1991 in order to encourage broadcasters worldwide to create awareness for children issues. ICDB is a day when broadcasters around the world “Tuned in to Kids”. Broadcasters would air quality programming for and about children. Over the years, children’s participation became a keystone of the ICDB. Broadcasters began to allow children to be part of the programming process, to talk about their hopes and dreams and share information with their peers.

This year, ChildFund The Gambia in collaboration with GRTS celebrates the day with children taking over all the activities of the Radio for the day. A selected group of children supported by ChildFund together with other children from different schools in the Gambia moderated all the programs of the radio for the day. Children were also given the opportunity to engage stakeholders on key topics such as Reproductive health, children and the law, the rights of the girl child among other topics.

The National Director of ChildFund The Gambia Mr. Eustace Cassell had a 45 minutes discussions with children on the role of ChildFund in helping the deprived, excluded and vulnerable children in the Gambia.

ChildFund The Gambia will continue to actively participate in the celebration of this day for children in the coming years by giving children the chance to express their views for their voices to be heard. This is part of the Area of Excellence of ChildFund which states that Children’s experiences of deprivation, exclusion and vulnerability will be in the center of its policy and practice.

ChildFund The Gambia wishes all children in the Gambia a happy International Children’s Day of Broadcasting 2012.