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Chest belt: a fashionable trend

Apr 29, 2010, 2:06 PM | Article By: Isatou Dumbuya

Belts have been documented for male clothing since the Bronze Age. Both sexes used them off and on, depending on the current fashion, but it was a rarity in female fashion until now when it is combined with skirts, blouses coupled with revived ancient styles. The one wearing it brings back the 60's in to the 21st century. Admirers may agree with me the chest belt sure do look good when it is worn with the right clothes and blended with the perfect style.

Art nouveau belt buckles are now collector's items.

The belt was strictly a decorative part of the military uniform. It was common for officers to wear extremely tight, wide belts around the waist, on the outside of the uniform. These tightly cinched belts served to draw in the waist to give the wearer a trim physique, emphasizing wide shoulders and a pouting chest.

Most ladies love this effect it has on their physique, as a result some wear it with almost everything they could, ranging from European dresses, denim jeans with tops and African dresses. An example of this is the balloon dress. Chest belts strapped on the chest or bosom gives the dress a balloon effect at the bottom, with added pleats to give it some volume.

Many times our mother's would sneer at us or mock at our taste for fashion, claiming that we have no sense of fashion and that we steal what they used before. Some would say that it is rather interesting to blend old school with recent tunes. This is not only applicable with fashion, but with music. Records have shown that music sounds better when it has a touch of old tunes in it.

Now take a ride with Bring it on in an interview on their views of the chest belt.

Fatima Jabbie of the University of the Gambia: I see no sense in wearing the chest belt. I used to, but it squeezes my ribs and digestion sometimes becomes a problem.

Ramatoulie Jammeh of the same university: I like the effect it has on my physique because it draws in my waist.... (Lots of laugh), actually it flatters my figure.

Sira Njai a girl walking on the streets: it is not bad at all, I feel good when I wear it, but many times I want a change and let my dress or blouse loose. Change is good, and I like it that way since most ladies wear it and I am like...I need a break from the chest belt... (Lots of laugh).

This goes to show our different tastes when it comes to the chest belt. Try yours with your taste and see.