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Challenges awaiting the new order

Dec 6, 2016, 11:13 AM

A new wind is blowing in The Gambia as we enter a new year. The nation is confronted with the dawn of a new era from which much is expected.

In the 22 years of the second republic, a lot of merits and demerits can be brought to bear.

Whereas schools, hospitals and roads were built and rehabilitated, and agriculture promoted, human rights records, freedom of association and expression, press freedom and amiable international relations have been questionable.

The economy has been struggling to survive, industrialisation is a none-starter, unemployment, foreign exchange rate and inflation, as well as poverty have all been militating against the populace, especially the youths of this country, leading to an unprecedented surge in back-way or illegal migration by youths of the country.

These are issues and concerns that want answers or solutions.  Therefore, the new regime to take over the reins of government in some few weeks’ time must endeavour to find solutions to these challenges.

In spite of the fact that the incoming government would comprise a cocktail of members of various parties, instituting good governance and bringing about economic and human development is expected of them.

Many schools of thought are of the view that the coalition government would face a lot of problems ranging from ideological and policy variance to personality cult and development challenges.

However, all these are surmountable if members of the coalition government put the interest of the nation first and above their parties.

“The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same.”

Steve Maraboli